Ali Pottinger is certainly the heart and most of the brains behind the infamous community that is SQUADRUN.

It's is really incredible to see the community of SQUADRUN grow from strength to strength as the formula for success and the ability for Ali and Kerry to help their people 'Get There' continues to evolve and create lasting memories.

SQUADRUN is more than just coaching and training programmes. It's a Community and I dare say, Family.

We are stoked to have Ali on Stokely as she is a long time friend and someone who brings a tonne of light and positivity to the Trail & Ultrarunning world. 


Links for SQUADRUN

Facebook: squadruncoaching


Strava: clubs/SQUADRUN

Instagram: squadrun

We acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional and rightful custodians of all the places where this podcast is created and listened to. And we pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.

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